I am a visual storyteller, photographer, artist, creative. I work with old & new cameras, incorporating photography with other techniques & materials. With my photography I try to capture a feeling rather than an objective image of what's in front of my eyes. I started shooting on film & learned how to develop my own film & experienced the magic of the dark room. Nowadays I shoot mostly digital but still make my own box cameras & run pinhole/camera obscura workshops. My love for art & craft & working with my hands has taken me to other work - I have been running art workshops for many years with different groups of people ranging from school children to adults. The workshops I've run have been very varied - I work with all sorts of art materials & expressions: photography, sculpture, upcycling, spray paint, t-shirt printing, collage etc.

Please get in touch for more info or to book a workshop, a photo-shoot or even just to say hello!

My home & soul is in the north of Sweden, but I am a traveller at heart so will happily come work with you in any corner of the world & after spending 11 years in the U.K. I am happy to call England my second home & a place I will continuously go back to, so give me a shout if you have got some ideas for work or collaborations either at my place or yours. 


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